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High-Speed, Loose-Surface Driving
Off Road and Recovery

Domestic and International

high-speed tactical mobility


Our approach is simple. To execute vehicle tactics, become an expert in car control. It needs to be a baseline skill. And regardless of skill level, every student who comes in will leave a better driver. AVC offers …

  • more drive time, we drive a lot, more than any other school in the country

  • training in multiple vehicle types and multiple drivelines on multiple surfaces

  • training in real environments, not realistic, real

  • a lot of time driving fast close together

  • an instructor corps experienced in overseas, austere environments

Below is a list of skills which almost every RFP includes. We deliver on this and on anything else you may want to add related to driving, as well as shooting as agreed to.

Theoretical learning may include but is not limited to …

- surface, vehicle, and driver limitations

- vehicle dynamic states 

- dynamic weight transfer control

- mechanical failures and vehicle performance

- high-speed rough road driving 

- weight and vehicle performance

- reading the road 

- protecting the vehicle


Practical skills and learning may include but are not limited to … 

- turning the vehicle with weight transfer

- adjusting technique to drive line 

- left-foot braking 

- driving manual transmission 

- inducing oversteer

- emergency braking 

- progressive braking

Off Road and Recovery and Overlanding


Large SUVs, Mid-Size Pickups, FWD, RWD, AWD sedans and hatches

Vehicles range from high-performance to econoboxes

- driver down exercises

- road surface transitions

- emergency repairs

- motorcades 

- fundamental off-road

- evasive driving

- driving “tight”/pursuit

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