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training for any vehicle, any surface, any speed in control


“Greg and the team at AVC put together an outstanding custom course focused on the fundamentals of safely driving in high-speed complex environments. The instructors at AVC were confident, competent, and professional all while making the course exciting and fun. Techniques were explained and taught in a manner that made the actual application of driving easy to understand and perform. Having attended several driving courses over the course of my career, I would highly recommend AVC to individuals and organizations looking to receive outstanding applicable driving instruction.”   

Matt Boyer, Lockheed-Martin, Special Operations Command (Ret.) 

Greg is incredibly passionate about his work, a true team builder drawing on a strong community of experts in many different fields. What he doesn’t know he rolls up his shirt sleeves and digs into until he’s mastered it. He may come across as laid back but he’s calm, cool, collected and INTENSE. I wouldn’t hesitate to collaborate with Greg on any project in the future.”


Jeff Rupp, Global Safety Manager, Ford Motor Company (Retired) 

“We went through a highly specialized course with Greg and his team at AVC. Greg understood our requirements and was able to replicate driving conditions based on our upcoming austere deployment. I’ve been through multiple driving courses and AVC by far has the best instructors and understood our needs. Greg is the real deal and I recommend AVC for all your driving needs.”


Travis Muller, SGM, US Army/US Special Operations Command 

“Greg is professional in every aspect of training. AVC will tailor classes to the students level attending a course. AVC teaches driving for any surface in order to survive any situation instead of learning the perfect apex in a turn or a pendulum turn in a tactical vehicle. I drove harder, faster and ultimately safer than any racing schools I’ve attended.”


Mark Finney, SGM, US Army/US Special Operations Command (Ret.) 

“Greg and Absolute Vehicle Control conduct the most all-inclusive, valuable drivers’ training I’ve ever observed or participated in. Unlike many driving schools that cater to the tactical community, AVC regards the vehicle and its control as the baseline skill to be perfected and built upon in its own right, not an afterthought or tactic to be employed only when necessary. In a very brief period of time, Greg completely overhauled my understanding of the base physical principles of driving dynamics - at speed and over terrain – leaving me a much more confident and capable driver. Two days of intense instruction enhanced my ability to utilize any vehicle to the fullest extent of its capabilities, and increased my skill level to the point that I can do so safely, remaining in complete control even when operating the equipment right to its limits. Training of this type and caliber will significantly decrease the ever-present risks associated with motor vehicle accidents by increasing the operators’ ability. I highly recommend Absolute Vehicle Control to anyone in the LE, Military, or Tactical community!”


Jordan Blake, Valkyrie Training, US Army/Department of State 

“I would highly recommend this course! Authentic training for real life situations!”


Kyron P. St Clair, Driver to the CEO, McDonalds Corporation 

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